Every year Meal-a-Day funds projects that completely utilize the donations received since our last fiscal year. As a non-profit organization, we believe in giving everything we have in order to directly benefit the poor and needy as quickly as possible. We do not worry about future funds, believing that our Heavenly Father will continue to bless our efforts if it pleases Him.

Here is an incomplete list of our projects. More will become available in time.

Clinica Verde

Not far from Boaco, Nicaragua, a first world health clinic sits in a third world environment. The dream came true a couple of years ago, when the environmentally friendly Clínica Verde opened. Translated into English as “the Green Clinic,” its special focus is serving the very poor with free services, especially pre-natal, birth and post-natal services for clients who may never have seen a doctor or nurse before. The top quality care also includes nutrition and other counseling.

Guatemala Goat Project

Meal-a-Day has been supporting this “goat project” in a remote, indigenous area of Guatemala in cooperation with Save the Children for a couple years now. The idea is that families with nursing mothers and young children will be able to use the milk and cheese to greatly improve their diet. We learned that 80% of children in rural Guatemala are malnourished, mostly from lack of protein, which the milk, cheese and ultimately meat all provide. This little boy’s family received a goat. Before this change in his diet, he had very little energy to enjoy life. Later, when he enters school, this will make a huge difference in his ability to learn, too.

Hogar Amiguitos

Hogar Amiguitos (home for little ones) first came to our attention through the recommendation of Anna, the former Director of Green Empowerment. This Portland charity provides technical support to a few of Meal-a-Day’s project partners in Latin America. Meal-a-Day knew that this project was special since Anna was willing to risk funding it rather than one of Green Empowerment’s projects. The directors visited Central America to view projects and meet with partners.

Santa Cruz Home for Abused Children

Through the Meal-a-Day charity, donors support 25% of their operating budget as well as funding specific needs, such as washing machines and a roof over the open air-drying area. As much as they need and appreciate the financial support, they truly anticipate the bi-annual visit from two or more of the Meal-a-Day committee members. Meal-a-Day not only assures they are fulfilling what is expected of them with the funds provided, but they also brainstorm ways to make their small community stronger

Soluciones Practicas

Working mostly in Peru and a little in Bolivia, Soluciones Practicas provides engineered solutions to critical needs such as drinking water, basic electricity, and enhanced community-earning power. Soluciones Practicas serves the remote, desperately poor indigenous peoples in these countries. We trust that we turn a switch and light will be there. Because of you, this remote village can enjoy that as well. Meal-a-Day has helped Soluciones Practicas provide over ten engineered solutions to truly deserving people.