Jamaica Eyeglass Program

Meal-a-Day provides those with poor vision the chance to see clearly

For those of us living in developed countries, having easy access to eyecare is something we can take for granted. Correcting our vision is as easy as driving down the road, getting an eye exam, and receiving glasses or contact lenses.

The same cannot be said about eyecare in Jamaica. Imagine failing in school because you can’t see the blackboard. Imagine not being able to read your Bible. In Jamaica, poor vision is the root of many issues that a person can face on a daily basis.

One of Meal-a-Day’s first opportunities was to provide eyeglasses to Jamaican Sunday School students. The original goal was to help younger people, but Meal-a-Day has been fortunate enough to be able to help students of all ages. Meal-a-Day first provided students in Port Maria with glasses. Some were reluctant to ask for for help at first, but all have been happy to receive their new eyeglasses.

An elderly Sunday School student living in isolation in Port Antonio needed a new pair of glasses after having cataract surgery. The condition had gotten so serious that she could no longer read. Thanks to her glasses, she can now read her Bible.