Current Financial Statements

2016–17 Financial Statements

A Letter to the Community

Dear Brothers and Sisters and friends of the North American Christadelphian Community:

The North American Meal a Day Fund has been operating since the decision in the UK to decentralize to three regions. During these years, you have generously supported our efforts to make meaningful and sustainable changes in the most basic ways, for some of the poorest people in our hemisphere. Because of your support, thousands of (often indigenous) individuals in remote, poor and harsh conditions have been blessed to not only live, but to live healthier, safer, fuller and more meaningful lives.

We do these programs through local partners in Latin America and the Caribbean who come well recommended, we vet them, and we follow up…requiring reports (with photos) and on-site visits. We take our stewardship of your funds seriously: Joanie and I, Steve, and more recently George and Lori and others have been able to visit many of these projects to assure they are done, and done well. In addition, dozens from our community have served on Build teams in Guatemala, Nicaragua and domestically providing housing for the very poor and others in need. Where possible, we also work cooperatively with local members of the Christadelphian community . . . doing eye-glass/ pure water/ education projects in Honduras, Jamaica and Haiti so far.

We want to be transparent in our service. We listen to your advice, we will respond promptly to any issues that may arise, and we post complete financial reports, year by year. All transactions are recorded by our treasurer, Casey Opitz. He has been supported in this by Virginia Brierly (a Christadelphian CPA). In addition, we obtain a completely independent review by Debbie Price & Associates PLLC, a Certified Public Accounting and Consulting firm located in Newport News, Virginia.

If you have suggestions of how we can better perform our responsibilities, please let us know.

In the Master’s service

Bruce Parker, Chairman, The Christadelphian Meal a Day Fund of the Americas
The Christadelphian Meal a Day Fund of the Americas