February was a “Match”!

Donations climb to over $23,000 in February due to anonymous donor

Previously, Meal-A-Day had announced the generous anonymous offer of a match of up to $5,000, if other donations during the month of February equaled or exceeded that number. Meal-A-Day is pleased to report that February’s donations did indeed exceed that number, resulting in the combined total contribution of over $23,000. Many of the donors were new or renewed after a long absence, and several donors opted to sign up for regular monthly donations.

February is traditionally a slow month for donations, most likely due to the post-holiday slump. Therefore, it is particularly gratifying that so many of you chose to support Meal-A-Day in serving some of the most remote, destitute or otherwise needy in our hemisphere. We at Meal-A-Day would like thank you on their behalf, with a special thanks to our anonymous donor.