Electricity and Water and Cookstoves

Meal-A-Day and Soluciones Practicas continue working together to provide basic necessities

Soluciones Practicas (“Practical Solutions”) is a long-standing partner of Meal-A-Day in Peru. San Miguel de la Pauca is an extremely remote community in Northern Peru that Meal-a-Day has helped Soluciones Practicas support with basic electricity, potable water and now cook stoves. The cook stoves are improved in two ways: more efficient to save fuel, plus a chimney to take the smoke out of the home.

Unlike some charities that do ‘drive-by’ projects, where they throw a good-looking project in and leave, a formula that assures long-term failure, Soluciones Practicas sticks with a community long-term, and helps them develop the organizational skills and technical competence to maintain projects, including how to manage their electrical system as a business, so they have the resources accumulated when preventative and other maintenance is needed.

Green Empowerment is a charitable organization out of Portland, OR, that also helps Soluctiones Practicas. Bryan Ferry, of Green Empowerment’s field staff in Peru, said one recipient of a new cookstove, Sra. Santos Margarita Bautista Cruzado, has benefited greatly. She said, “I’m taking precautions to care for my pregnancy. Before, the smoke [from the old cookstove] practically made us cry, to the point that we needed to close our eyes. But now, no.”

Cookstove beneficiary Santos Margarita Bautista Cruzado

Cookstove beneficiary Santos Margarita Bautista Cruzado