Assisting the Widows and Orphans

After listening to a conversation between two Meal a Day directors and her husband Mauricio, Claudia made a suggestion. Beginning many years ago, Meal-a-Day has supported Mauricio’s engineered solutions for remote indigenous communities in the plains of Colombia. Claudia wanted to know if Meal a Day would consider supporting a very different compassionate effort.

Claudia, who counsels the needy, is caught smiling as her project is toured.

Claudia is a trained counselor who serves well-to-do clients, helping them live saner, happier lives. She dreamed of being able to take these services to desperately poor people at the fringes of urban society in Villavicencio, Colombia. These people are mostly women and children who had been driven from their rural farms after having seen their husbands murdered by narcotics traffickers. They arrived in the city with only what they could carry in their arms, often knowing no one and at risk for being victimized themselves.

A young girl and boy pose for a picture..

Claudia provides monthly classes aimed towards different ages and genders, including small groups of mothers and children. She helps them learn how to resolve their family conflicts without using physical or verbal violence. She helps teens face issues of sexuality, disease, and reproduction in a way that maintains their dignity and helps them communicate rather than experiment. She also helps them connect with each other and create friendships that will last a lifetime. Claudia helps these people slowly make their way into society through employment, accessing government assistance, and getting their children an education.

By supporting Meal-a-Day, you can help Claudia continue this important work. Meal-a-Day provides her with a rented room, an overhead projector, a simple meal, and two intern students to assist her during each session. Having listened to the women describe the positive changes in their lives, Meal a Day is assured that this work is priceless.