About Meal-a-Day

In Matthew 25, our Lord states very clearly why anyone who is blessed as we are should care for the hungry, thirsty, stranger, naked, sick, and prisoner. People we are partnering with abide by our Lord’s words. They work to meet the needs among the poorest of the poor in Latin America and the Caribbean:


Feeding programs, emergency food provision, irrigation, improved farming techniques, refrigeration, and electricity.


Water pumps and water purification.


Help for refugees from conflicts or famines.

Needed Clothes

Sewing machines and related training.


Clinics, medical supplies, refrigeration for medicines, better nutrition & supplements, and hygiene training.

Widows and Fatherless

Orphanages for severely abused children, food and education for street kids, and basic job skills training.

In Prison

Help for families.

We Literally Give All That We Have

Every year Meal-a-Day funds projects that exhaust the donations we received since our last fiscal year. We give everything we have in order to aid physical problems as quickly as possible. We do not worry about the funds of tomorrow, believing that our Heavenly Father will continue to bless our efforts if it pleases Him.

Meal-a-Day also has very few administration costs—board members and other supporters travel, offer skills, and provide resources often using their own funds. This helps more of the money you donate go to helping those in need.

Board member Bruce inspects a project

We Investigate Our Projects

The board members at Meal-a-Day strive to make sure the projects that get the money deserve it—especially when there are often more projects than funds. In order to do so, the board members visit and research the project to ensure it is the best use of our donors’ money. Once a project starts receiving funds, the board regularly corresponds with and checks in on the project to make sure everything is running as hoped.

We Invest In Our Community

Meal-a-Day provides an outlet for our the members of our community to serve those in need. We are always looking for anyone who wants to lend a hand, mind, or voice to spread God’s love.

In order to push this goal,  Meal-a-Day started build projects as a way for our brethren and young people to give their time, money, and energy to do good works in Jesus’ name.

Meal-a-Day board members Bruce and Joanie Parker and Becky Elliot pose with friends on a trip to investigate Meal-a-Day projects.

Meal-a-Day’s Directors

  • Bro. Bruce Parker, Chicago, IL—Chairman
  • Sis. Joanie Parker, Chicago, IL—Secretary
  • Bro. Casey Opitz, Charlottesville, VA—Treasurer
  • Bro. Steve Johnson, Bloomington, IL
  • Sis. Lori Rayner, Mississagua, ON, Canada
  • Bro. Luke Barratt, Portland, OR
  • Sis. Becky Elliott, Cambridge, ON, Canada
  • Sis. Kellie Gelineau, Simi Valley, CA