Shared Beat Success Story—Maira

Dear Friends of Christadelphian Meal-a-Day Foundation,
I would like to share the following story about one of our scholarship students.

Thank you for all you do to make dreams come true!


Maira was chosen as a scholarship recipient in 2011 after she graduated from 6th grade. Maira went back to school to make a better life for her and her 2 young daughters. Her adult literacy teacher said that she was the smartest mom they had seen in the program.

Early in 2012, Maira sent word that she would be unable to return to school due to financial responsibilities. She had taken a job in a factory working 72 hours a week and would not have time to go to school. Shared Beat offered Maira a job as a clinic assistant in the Camino Seguro health clinic and as a health teacher for Adult Literacy so she could earn money and stay in school. Working only 15 hours a week, Maira was earning the same money she earned at the factory, was able to continue school and be at home for her 2 children. She finished and excelled in her first year of Basicos (middle school) and exceeded our expectations as an assistant and teacher. What a privilege it was to sit in on one of her classes. She commanded the lesson and the class with such ease and grace.

In 2013, our student health education program became at risk when we lost our health educator at the first of the year. Maira stepped in and taught health education to grades 3 through Adult Literacy for 6 months. Maira said she liked teaching OK but her heart is really in nursing. After the 6 months was up and we found a new health ed teacher, Maira continued to assist in the clinic, with classes and with her own studies until years end.

At the end of 2013, Maira applied to the University to study nursing. She didn’t pass the first part of the exam which was basically personal history and family history. This is when we found out that the university discriminates against an applicant if their family members have been in jail or have a “shady” past. Maira was discouraged beyond words. Our in country Scholarship Director at the time didn’t encourage Maira to pursue her career choice at other institutions. We once again hired her to work part-time helping in the clinic and with health education classes.

Maira is now working full-time as a clinic assistant with a new clinic nurse who is mentoring and encouraging her not to give up. Last week we received Maira’s 2015 scholarship application to apply at a different nursing school. Sometimes all you need is someone to say you can. We look forward to showing you a graduation photo of Maira one day with the caption- “She did!”