Second Annual Haiti Bible Conference

The Second Annual Haiti Bible Conference is tentatively scheduled for the weekend of September 20–21, 2014. The first conference drew more than 200 adults and 100 children. Brethren John Pople and Bruce Parker were the featured speakers. This year, we expect an even bigger audience.

John Pople teaches a class to adult Bible students at the 2013 Haiti Bible Conference

Brother Mike LeDuke will be the speaker to the adults and a team of Brothers and Sisters will work with the children in attendance. Mike’s planned subject is “The Epistle of James:
A Faith that Works.”

A few volunteers help each other teach children at the 2013 Haiti Bible Conference

The Conference will be held at the Meal-a-Day School facility in Carrefour, a city adjacent to Port au Prince. The Haiti ecclesia shares the facility on a regular basis with the school. Funding for the Conference expenses is being provided by WCF. For more information, please contact Steve Johnson at