Hogar Amiguitos

A place of love, hope, and second chances

Hogar Amiguitos (home for little ones) first came to our attention through the recommendation of Anna, the former Director of Green Empowerment. This Portland charity provides technical support to a few of Meal-a-Day’s project partners in Latin America.

Meal-a-Day knew that this project was special since Anna was willing to risk funding it rather than one of Green Empowerment’s projects. The directors visited Central America to view projects and meet with partners.

Hogar Amiguitos is clearly a place of love. The children are not your typical orphans; sometimes, the family’s poverty is so severe that they have no choice but to give up their child.

Joy Pulsifer initially arrived at Hogar to volunteer for a year, but ended up remaining for a decade, adopting two orphans as her own. The directors asked her to briefly describe a few of the children. Here is one story…

Maynor is mischief wrapped in skin. The six-year old loves to roller skate, play with Legos, and jump on his bed. He rearranges the other children’s clothes in their closets, turns the lights on and off in the dining room while everyone is eating, and always keeps everyone laughing. When reprimanded, he looks into your eyes and tells you you’re beautiful. This young man uses his charm to his advantage. He is energetic, hyperactive and loveable.