Funds Needed for Haitian Students

School is in session ten months out of the year in Haiti meaning the students of the Meal-a-Day school still attend through the month of June. The school is nearing the successful completion of its third year, providing free education to two hundred children aged preschool through sixth grade. Most of these children, who were displaced from their homes a few years ago by the 2010 earthquake, can’t afford to pay school tuition.

Haitian students enjoy a meal at the Christadelphian school.

Fifty percent of Haiti’s children never go to school because they don’t have the money. This is one reason the Meal-a-Day school is making such a difference in this area of Carrefour, a city connected to Port au Prince.

Twenty-one children will be taking government administered final exams in order to complete sixth grade. If they pass, they can go on to secondary school. However, many are waiting for funds to become available because they cannot afford it on their own.


Attendance at the Christadelphian meeting is not a requirement, but fortunately many of the children attend on Sundays.

These children have so much potential! Please consider helping Meal-a-Day with this project.