Director’s Meeting—Fall 2015

Our heavenly Father has blessed us once again, along with the help of many generous Christadelphian supporters. Meal-a- Day seeks to emulate the compassion of our Lord by identifying people already doing good for indigenous, impoverished and downtrodden people and assisting them with the resources to help them do more. New partners have commonly been identified by brethren or current partners as worthy of our support, and then vetted through financial reviews and on-site visits to assure they meet their goals.

Fall 2015 Directors Meeting

Meal-a-Day committee director Bruce Parker leading discussions during the meeting while Becky Elliott and Kellie Gelineau listen.

On Nov. 12, 2015, each director came prepared for the bi-annual directors meeting, having read reports from 30 recently-completed or on-going projects as well as detailed proposals to continue 14 existing programs and begin 13 new projects. The morning discussions were geared towards the business of running and promoting a charity, but the afternoon focused on the tough choices of which worthy efforts we could support.

Fall 2015 Directors Meeting

Meal-a-Day directors Casey Opitz and Lori Rayner chat between meeting sessions.

Feeding and educating impoverished or abused children, medical interventions where none had existed, helping widowed and displaced mothers get back on their feet, helping families drink potable water for the first time, helping Sunday school children see well enough to read the Bible—How could a decision be made? Because of the generosity of donors, we were able to do almost all that were deemed worthy.

Over $250,000 was provided to programs in nine Latin American and Caribbean countries that serve the least among us.