Directors’ Meeting Allocates Funds For Big Projects

Over $215K in donations will support 17 projects in 7 countries

The Christadelphian Meal-A-Day Fund of the Americas held their semi-annual directors’ meeting in Charlottesville Va. on May 30 at the home of Casey and Becky Opitz to discuss the current and future projects to be done in the Caribbean, and Central and South America.

There were many proposals from pre-approved partners in Latin America and the Caribbean. They were able to support 17 projects in 7 countries with over $215,000 in donations from the United States and Canada.

Projects include providing potable water for families and schools in Haiti, Nicaragua and Peru, and also basic health care, safe housing for abused children and orphans, and basic education for children in Peru, Haiti, and Guatemala. Other projects improve health through better stoves, and improve self-support through better crops and crop processing, including providing essential oils. Thousands of lives are being significantly improved through these efforts.

A team of Christadelphians were also funded to build a home for the family of Becker, a laboring man in the orphanage we support, whose ten-year-old son has muscular dystrophy. The family will now live in a clean home with electricity, running water and a flush toilet, none of which they had before.

Directors and others who are interested will visit partners and projects in several Latin American and Caribbean countries, at their own expense, during September 2015 and January 2016, Lord willing, for extra assurance that the partners are maintaining the high standards and monetary accountability that are expected.

The directors were fortunate to have Jonathan and Megan Sabo present, who have been coordinating the marketing efforts. These include newsletters, emails, website, Facebook and presentations at Bible Schools. A significant discussion focused on how to let each North American Christadelphian know of the work that is being done, which glorifies God and engages many Christadelphians in acts of love for their neighbors. Where possible, Meal a Day works cooperatively with other Christadelphian organizations to further advance this good work.

Thirteen visitors were also present for the meeting. Sara Schlageter, a visitor, said, “It was a true pleasure to gather at the Opitz’ home to observe the Meal-A-Day board of directors in action. They worked efficiently to assess all of the projects and circled back around for more discussion as needed. The board of Directors seem to appreciate and work well with each other.” She said it was inspiring to hear about the many different ways in which Christadelphians are helping so many people throughout Central and South America: “Spending an afternoon listening to so many examples of service left me with tremendous feeling of thankfulness, both for my life and for Meal a Day, as it continues to positively affect so many people. Meal a Day is doing important and truly good work, and most importantly, it is being done in the name of our dear Lord Jesus.”

The meeting lasted for about six hours.