Rural Families & Clínica Verde

The common cold. This phrase does not strike fear in those of us living in developed countries with easy access to healthcare and medication. Now, imagine yourself living in rural Central America. Your youngest child comes down with a cold, and there is no healthcare available for miles. For these people, the common cold can kill. It can hinder the growth of families and ability to protect loved ones.

In this region where hope was sparse, there is now a ray of light. Clínica Verde’s mission statement perfectly summarizes the miracle they have accomplished.

A sign for Clinica Verde.

“Clínica Verde is an outpatient community clinic—a global prototype of a sustainably designed health clinic in Nicaragua. We take a preventive approach to the wellbeing of our cherished patients, providing not just clinical care, but nutrition and health education in an environment designed to support and improve health outcomes. Clínica Verde is not just a clinic—it’s a center of community health that celebrates the dignity of all who enter our doors. A place where people want to go.

We are guided by the belief that everything we do and produce as a response to poverty and human suffering should acknowledge the value and potential of each life while demonstrating respect for the shared resources of our world.”

A few Clinica Verde employees and several Meal-A-Day board members pose for a group photo.

Meal-a-Day has been helping fund two important people in this project. Nurse Yasmine (whom an Ontario ecclesia is also helping fund) and pharmacist Scarleth are crucial to the successful operation of this facility. A partnership with Asofenix and Green Empowerment is paving the way towards the development of a solar power system to reduce operating costs, guarantee power during outages, and to possibly sell power back to the national grid in times of excess.

Clínica Verde provides hope in the form of bringing world-class healthcare to a region where the common cold can be fatal. Until Christ returns to heal the sick and afflicted, Meal-a-Day will work with programs like Clínica Verde to provide the poorest in the country with the healthcare that they deserve.

“Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” – Matthew 25:40.