Clínica Verde—Health & Hope

Clínica Verde’s mission is to serve the most patients possible, but financial stability is critical for this goal to be a reality. Their goal has always been to generate supporting revenue at Clínica Verde to increase community investment and fortify long-term sustainability. Meal-a-Day has assisted these goals by funding a solar installation project with Green Empowerment and Asofenix. This system will produce energy to directly serve the clinic and is predicted to lower costs between 43–54%. Keeping operating costs down is essential in the clinic’s ability to provide care for the poorest of the poor but they need our help. Meal-a-Day Fund supports half of the wages for nurse Yasmina ($2,250) and a portion for pharmacist Scarleth ($950). Clínica Verde is extremely grateful for our ongoing support, but if possible would love Meal-a-Day to fully fund Scarleth for a total of $2,245 every 6 months. This is a perfect opportunity for a family, committee or ecclesia! Currently an Ontario ecclesia is sponsoring nurse Yasmina and we are exceedingly grateful! Please contact us if interested in assisting Clínica Verde on an ongoing basis or a one-time donation!