In 2010, Meal-a-Day went on its first Build project to Cobán, Guatemala with around 30 brethren. For two weeks, these brethren were divided into teams and sent to specific Habitat for Humanity worksites in the area to help local construction workers build houses for three families.

A few volunteers work hard to build a house in Guatemala

While there, the brethren formed bonds with the local families, construction workers, and each other, all the while trying to spread the gospel in both word and deed. In the years to come, Meal-a-Day turned its attention to Nicaragua and has sent teams to the same area there nearly every year since 2011.

Volunteers for the build project in Nicaragua pose with shovels.

In 2011 a very sad event occurred in the United States and Meal-a-Day was able to respond with valuable assistance. A EF-5 tornado tore through Joplin, MO, leaving almost 160 dead, thousands injured, and destroying many homes and businesses. Meal-a-Day decided one way to help was partnering with local relief organizations in the Joplin area that were helping rebuild people’s homes and city parks. In 2012, a team of brethren and young people traveled to Joplin and helped in the reconstruction efforts. Meal-a-Day continued the following year to send another rebuild team to Joplin until the city was eventually rebuilt from the tragic tornado.

Projects like these provide several outlets for the body of Christ:

  1. To show God’s love to the world, thus spreading the gospel
  2. To experience our faith in action in ways not always available to most living in a developed country
  3. To serve in ways that one does not always have available in their local ecclesia

Future Builds

Meal-a-Day would like to continue these projects as long as possible. Look for announcements about future build project early each year.