• Director’s Bio—Bro. Bruce and Sis. Joanie Parker

    Bruce and Joanie Parker not only serve as Meal-a-Day directors, but they helped start the Meal-a-Day of the Americas chapter several years ago. To explain the history, Meal-a-Day had been run entirely out of the UK until 2007. Then the charity decided to ‘decentralize’, retaining the running of Meal-a-Day for Eastern Europe and Africa, while… Continue Reading

  • Meal-a-Day International Build 2016 Recap

    by Rachel Johnson—International Build Project Director This year the international Meal-A-Day build took place in Jinotega, a small city nestled in the beautiful northern mountains of Nicaragua. For one week in July the build team, which consisted of ten people, worked to restore a house for a family of four.   After losing her legs in… Continue Reading

  • Nicaragua Field Report

    Firsthand account by Sara Schlageter The image that has come to my mind most often since I visited Nicaragua last fall is that of a photograph I took in a neighborhood outside of Jinotega. It was in one of the communities served by New Life Christian Academy. Meal-A-Day has helped them pay the salaries of… Continue Reading

  • Meal-a-Day is now on Amazon Smile

    Donate to Meal-a-Day Simply by Shopping Online Without Any Additional Charges AmazonSmile is a way to shop online at Amazon.com that diverts a percentage of your purchase to the charity of your choice. If you choose Meal-a-Day as your charity, every time you shop on AmazonSmile you’ll also be sending children to school in Haiti,… Continue Reading

  • Partner Visit Site Trip—Nicaragua September 2015

    from Joanie Parker—Meal-a-Day Director Planning a trip to visit Meal-a-Day partners starts months in advance. First, all the partners need to be contacted to find out when they would be available for a visit. Then an itinerary is planned, and flights organized. For our September 2015 trip to Nicaragua, we were blessed to enjoy Sara… Continue Reading

  • Director’s Bio—Bro. Luke Barratt

    Recently Meal-a-Day has been highlighting some of our directors in order to share with our audience the people providing guidance on projects. This quarter the director’s bio shines on Luke Barratt who has been a Meal-a-Day director since 2011. Luke is a relatively newer member to the director’s committee, since joining the committee five years… Continue Reading

  • Meal-a-Day in Cité Soleil, Haiti

    4,000 children die every day from illnesses related to impure drinking water, according to the World Health Organization. Meal-a-Day considers providing pure water to people in developing countries one of the most important services we can be involved in. Recently, a $25,000 grant was made to Pure Water for the World in Haiti to help… Continue Reading

  • Australian Meal-a-Day Helps Earthquake Victims

    The Christadelphian Meal-a-Day fund is actually three sister organizations working to provide the less fortunate with basic life necessities. The UK-based sister organization of Meal-a-Day of the Americas serves the needs in Africa and Eastern Europe. Meal-a-Day of the Americas has been able to support a significant part of Meal-a-Day UK’s budget for the last… Continue Reading

  • Director’s Meeting—Fall 2015

    Our heavenly Father has blessed us once again, along with the help of many generous Christadelphian supporters. Meal-a- Day seeks to emulate the compassion of our Lord by identifying people already doing good for indigenous, impoverished and downtrodden people and assisting them with the resources to help them do more. New partners have commonly been… Continue Reading

  • Director’s Bio—Sis. Kellie Gelineau

    Inspired by God’s grace and blessings, Meal-A-Day’s newest committee member spreads the word to Southern California Meal-A-Day provides those in need with basic necessities such as food, clean water and education. While giving all praise and credit to God, this organization would not be possible without the dedication of its committee members. Sis. Kellie Gelineau… Continue Reading

  • 2015 Meal-a-Day International Build Recap

    Meal-a-Day sponsored another successful annual international build project this summer in Central America. This year’s location was the Hogar Amiguitos orphanage in Jinotega, located in the mountains of central Nicaragua. A crew of 13 American Meal-a-Day volunteers worked July 26–31, 2015 at Hogar Amiguitos under the direction of a Nicaraguan masonry contracting company to construct… Continue Reading

  • February was a “Match”!

    Donations climb to over $23,000 in February due to anonymous donor Previously, Meal-A-Day had announced the generous anonymous offer of a match of up to $5,000, if other donations during the month of February equaled or exceeded that number. Meal-A-Day is pleased to report that February’s donations did indeed exceed that number, resulting in the… Continue Reading

  • Electricity and Water and Cookstoves

    Meal-A-Day and Soluciones Practicas continue working together to provide basic necessities Soluciones Practicas (“Practical Solutions”) is a long-standing partner of Meal-A-Day in Peru. San Miguel de la Pauca is an extremely remote community in Northern Peru that Meal-a-Day has helped Soluciones Practicas support with basic electricity, potable water and now cook stoves. The cook stoves… Continue Reading

  • Juana’s Encounter in the Field

    Meal-a-Day Partner DESEA’s Community Health Worker Saves Choking Baby For qhali (community health worker) Juana Puclla Puma, the day started out like any other: morning chores, cooking breakfast, and getting her older children off to school, and the younger ones fed. When all this was done she set out with her newborn and toddler to… Continue Reading

  • 2014 Meal-a-Day Financial Report

    Charity Distributes More Than $350,000 Last Year Thanks to the generosity of contributors like you, Meal-a-Day was able to distribute more than $350,000 last year to our trusted partners throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. We are blessed to be able to fund the work of so many NGOs we have come to know so… Continue Reading

  • Assisting the Widows and Orphans

    After listening to a conversation between two Meal a Day directors and her husband Mauricio, Claudia made a suggestion. Beginning many years ago, Meal-a-Day has supported Mauricio’s engineered solutions for remote indigenous communities in the plains of Colombia. Claudia wanted to know if Meal a Day would consider supporting a very different compassionate effort. Claudia… Continue Reading

  • Shared Beat Success Story—Maira

    Maira was chosen as a scholarship recipient in 2011 after she graduated from 6th grade. Maira went back to school to make a better life for her and her 2 young daughters. Her adult literacy teacher said that she was the smartest mom they had seen in the program.

    Early in 2012, Maira sent word that she would be unable to return to school due to financial responsibilities.

  • Meal-a-Day Approved by Canadian Revenue Agency

    CRA approval allows Meal-a-Day to receive Canadian donations Meal-a-Day is happy to announce that by God’s grace the application for charitable status in Canada has been approved by the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) and Meal-a-Day is now in a position to provide Canadian receipting for donations. In compliance with CRA, Meal-a-Day’s initial Canadian focus will… Continue Reading

  • Jamaica Eyeglass Program

    Meal-a-Day provides those with poor vision the chance to see clearly For those of us living in developed countries, having easy access to eyecare is something we can take for granted. Correcting our vision is as easy as driving down the road, getting an eye exam, and receiving glasses or contact lenses. The same cannot… Continue Reading

  • Discovering A Project Has Problems

    What happens if we discover a project is having problems? Very occasionally when we visit projects to review their progress, we discover a problem. Most often it is simply a delay in completion, but occasionally it is something more serious. We discovered one partner was keeping important information from us. Situations would arise at a… Continue Reading

  • Rural Families & Clínica Verde

    The common cold. This phrase does not strike fear in those of us living in developed countries with easy access to healthcare and medication. Now, imagine yourself living in rural Central America. Your youngest child comes down with a cold, and there is no healthcare available for miles. For these people, the common cold can… Continue Reading

  • Clínica Verde—Health & Hope

    Clínica Verde’s mission is to serve the most patients possible, but financial stability is critical for this goal to be a reality. Their goal has always been to generate supporting revenue at Clínica Verde to increase community investment and fortify long-term sustainability.


    Why build a passive solar heating system onto a high Andes elementary school? Because an added 10° Centigrade can make the difference between life and death! BBC news report: “In July 2010, the Peruvian government declared a state of emergency due to cold weather. Temperatures have dropped to as low as -24C (-11F)… hundreds of… Continue Reading