Meal-a-Day Approved by Canadian Revenue Agency

CRA approval allows Meal-a-Day to receive Canadian donations

Meal-a-Day is happy to announce that by God’s grace the application for charitable status in Canada has been approved by the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) and Meal-a-Day is now in a position to provide Canadian receipting for donations.

In compliance with CRA, Meal-a-Day’s initial Canadian focus will be on projects in Haiti and Columbia, with expansion as the donor base permits. In Haiti, Meal-a-Day is supporting a local Brother (Esmath Sainval) in his efforts to begin a free school in the area of his Ecclesia. It is an impoverished neighborhood with many still living in very temporary dwellings as a result of the earthquake over four years ago. Nationwide, only 50% of school age children attend school as they cannot afford the cost of uniforms, school supplies, exam fees, etc. Now, in part due to the generous support of North American Christadelphians, this school is a reality, with over 200 students. This school is fully compliant with all state requirements, and the students have performed well on national testing. The Canadian focus will be to raise funds to provide a nutritious lunch for each student. Monthly food costs for the lunch program are approximately $900.

In Colombia, Meal-a-Day supports a safe ‘home’ for children rescued from abusive or abandonment situations. Christadelphian support for this program began 10 years ago through the generosity of Meal-a-Day UK, and passed on to Meal-a-Day over 5 years ago, when our organization became globally organized. Meal-a-Day now supports about 25% of their operating budget as well as a few one-off special projects. They provide a home environment for up to 60 children, who each are part of a smaller ‘family’ with a House Mother and separate dorm. Meal-a-Day’s Canadian focus will be to provide a food program which includes 3 meals and 2 snacks per day for each child. The monthly food costs would be approximately $1,400.

For more information on the projects we support in Central and South America, please visit our web site at